Hi I'm Marcus....I'm a documentary-style wedding photographer lucky enough to live a stones throw away from the Glamorganshire coastline with my beautiful wife, three cool kids and two scruffy dogs.  I never really meant to become a wedding photographer but I'm glad it happened, I've worked with some of the loveliest couples around. To be honest I'd rather be photographing other people than talking about myself so I'm going to make this swift!........

I love a good wedding, from the nervous moments in the morning to the wild dance moves in the evening every wedding is a unique journey. I've discovered that to take meaningful and memorable wedding pictures takes more than rocking up with a camera and snapping at whatever is in front of you. I believe you have to get swept along with the day and become a part of it. That's what I love to do, get in amongst it, party with your family and capture the emotion and atmosphere of the awesome day that you've been planning forever!

My approach to photographing a wedding is pretty simple, I'll be as unobtrusive as I can and will document events as they unfold in front of me. I'll be here, there and everywhere seeking out the quirky details and the spontaneous happenings that make weddings so special.  I don't do cheesy staged moments but I do love to wander off with a couple and create editorial-style portraits with that early evening natural light.  A few group shots are essential but I won't spend hours slowly arranging group photo's when you just want to get stuck in to the party!!  I love the fact that I get to tell your story through photographs that will live on for generations.

If you think we could make a great team then I'd love to hear from you so please contact me here, lets chat...


Photo Credit Maya Rose Bell.

Photo Credit Maya Rose Bell.